Inverse proportionality

Direct proportionlality

a x b = c x d

Newton's First Law

Newton's 2nd and 3rd Laws

V = IR

Transformer simulation

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PHYSICS CONCEPTS LTD. publishes the following products:

PHYSCONCEPTS 5.75 comes with TEN programs embedded into it:

1. Boyle's Law (inverse porportionality)
2. Hooke's Law (direct proportionality)
3. Maths Tutor (a drag and drop program for rearranging equations based around the magic triangle )
4. Moments (using a x b = c x d)
5. Newton's First Law
6. Newton's Second Law
7. Newton's Third Law
8. Ohm's Law (direct and inverse proportionalities)
9. Transformers
10.Video-Clips (TWELVE in TOTAL)


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