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a x b = c x d

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V = IR

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PHYSCONCEPTS 5.75 has been modified for the new GCSEs.
The Teacher and Student notes are particularly helpful for Individual Skills Assessments, and the typical example below ideal for How Science Works.
With each of the twelve videos-clips comes a discussion/notes option,
when pressed some relevant questions appear.
If the discussion button is pressed suggested questions appear,
and if the notes button is pressed correct responses are shown (see below).

Typical Video-Clip Screenshot
QUESTION What laws/Principles of physics can you apply to this tree-cutter?
NOTES Hooke's Law The spring obeys Hooke's Law as it goes through a cycle.
Principle of Moments The force applied by the blade is greater than the force applied to the end of the lever.
Pulley Mechanism The person pulling the rope moves double the distance that the lever moves - hence a smaller force through a bigger distance produces a larger force through a smaller distance.

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